Insights Future is a consultancy focused on providing non-profit organizations with approaches and tools to implement practical digital strategies and data governance programs.

My expertise is with quality management and digital capacity development for sustainability standards organizations. The best practice tools and services I offer are adapted from data management best practice and are applicable to a range of sectors and organizational needs.

For an initial consultation to share areas where you seek support, contact me to explore how we can work together.

Recently Published

Why Data Governance is the Missing Link in your Impacts Strategy 1 year ago Sustainability NGOs and initiatives dedicate the majority of their resources to pursuing their missions, and they are experiencing growing pressures to keep pace with the demands of our digital age. The pressures are often linked to their ability to demonstrate evidence of impact. Data and information sit behind evidence, as does… Continue Reading
Accessing Data Value for your Organization by Mimicking Natural Systems 10 months ago Since my early days working in operations for sustainability organizations, I had an affinity and interest in starting with root causes and workflow integration to solve problems and achieve efficiencies. It seemed natural and necessary to explore the deeper roots or source of challenges so that the solution could be… Continue Reading
A Newcomer’s Guide to Data Governance 11 months ago When organizations have data quality or data flow challenges, the last thing they want to hear about is the plumbing or infrastructure gaps behind the challenges. However, if you explore the root causes of data problems, they are often multi-faceted in nature. They are only partly about infrastructure such as… Continue Reading
Why Data Governance is Essential for Effective Risk Management 11 months ago In my experience working with sustainability standards over a number of years, implementing and operationalizing risk management continues to present unique challenges related to data management best practice. Many standards organizations are interested in risk management because it can help them drive efficiency and value for their stakeholders. As an… Continue Reading