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About Me

Ana Garzón

My name is Ana Garzón. I am a sustainability professional with twenty years of experience in non-profit management and sustainability. In the last decade, I have worked in operations and innovations management roles at Rainforest Alliance, the Sustainable Agriculture Network, and ISEAL Alliance to strengthen tools and systems that support operational excellence and digital innovations.

Through my journey the past thirteen years in the voluntary standards certification sector, I have deepened my understanding of quality assurance systems and data management practices. I experienced firsthand the ways in which data and information impact operations, innovations opportunities, and other areas like reputation and risks.

My passion for data innovations in support of the sustainability movement sits at the core of my work.

In the digital age, data-driven insights are essential to fueling progress on challenges such as climate change, species loss, modern slavery, and other environmental and social crises.

I believe that the adoption of good data management practices across organizations and at scale will enable exponential value from data and information. It will unlock the ability for sustainability organizations to collectively and effectively collaborate in a digital world.

A positive trend for sustainability organizations is growing investments in data management and governance programs. Organizations are addressing practical needs for managing data well, including the protection of data privacy and clear policies to share valuable data with collaborators and clients. Their stakeholders and clients are also demanding effectiveness in the use of data through ongoing program reports and tailored data products and services.

Addressing data management needs, opportunities, and painpoints requires practical systems and tools that exist within established practices such as data governance and risk management. Data governance connects the dots of data management efforts from database and IT management to monitoring and evaluation programs. It enables tracing of key data from source to value and across data stewards (handlers) and processes. The benefits of doing this well are more targeted decision-making and trusted intelligence that informs how organizations can adapt and change to deliver greater impact.

More on my background and experience

Past and current roles in support of sustainability organizations include multi-year project management, program operations implementation, digital assurance best practice development (training workshops, best practice guidance), and digital capacity-building for sustainability standards organizations.

Projects include:

  • Data governance framework: Conceptualization, development, and testing of a framework to help sustainability standards manage data systematically and effectively in an era of increased scrutiny on data value and data privacy
  • Data governance program development and review: Support for sustainability standards to apply data governance concepts and implement policies, processes, and tools to understand their key data from source to value.
  • Benchmarking assessments and recognition programs: Support for several sustainability standards in upgrading and updating their benchmarking assessment tools (standards and assurance systems) to inform their collaborations with other sustainability programs.
  • Guidance notes on data management and data governance for sustainability standards: Curation of best practice concepts and tools that equip standards with practices and steps to enable traceability of data from source to value.
  • ISEAL Alliance ‘Data Skills Lab’: Conceptualization and development of a suite of twelve online learning modules for sustainability standards to build data literacy
  • Proposal of new ISEAL Alliance Assurance Code v2 requirements focused on data management and governance: These new requirements for data management by sustainability standards are now included in updated best practice for credible standards.

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