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About Me

Ana Garzón

My name is Ana Garzón. I am a sustainability professional with 18 years of experience in non-profit management and sustainability. My expertise is with conceptualizing and implementing quality management systems and digital capacity for the voluntary standards certification sector.

I have worked in operations and innovations management roles at Rainforest Alliance, the Sustainable Agriculture Network, and ISEAL Alliance to champion the use of data and information to drive effectiveness, impact, and innovation.

My passion lies in enabling value from data and information at scale so that sustainability organizations can collectively and effectively collaborate. I believe data-driven insights are essential to fueling efficient collaboration needed to accelerate action on challenges such as climate change, species loss, modern slavery, and other environmental and social crises.

Sustained and concrete evidence of sustainability impact is possible and already a vision or goal for many initiatives seeking to drive change. However, making this a reality still requires organizations to strengthen their digital muscle. It means devising and blending digital strategies into program strategies.

It also requires investing in people by implementing active data governance programs so that staff and collaborators are equipped and empowered with skills and tools to work with data in the evolving digital landscape.

I strongly believe in people-centered solutions to address data innovations challenges and opportunities for sustainability. While technology tools and projects can augment the value of an organization’s digital innovations, long-term investment in digital skills, digital culture, and collaboration among data stewards will drive the legacy of meaningful and lasting sustainability impact.

More on my background and experience

My roles in non-profit and sustainability organizations include multi-year project management, program operations implementation, digital assurance best practice development (training workshops, best practice guidance), and digital capacity-building for sustainability standards organizations.

My passion lies in enabling value from data and information at scale so sustainability organizations can collectively and effectively collaborate. I believe this is only possible when individual organizations first implement good internal data management and governance practices. Projects to support these aims include:

  • The conceptualization, development, and testing of a framework to help sustainability standards manage data systematically and effectively in an era of increased scrutiny on data value and data privacy
  • The development of guidance notes on data management and data governance for sustainability standards focused on equipping standards with tools and practices that enable traceability of data from its source and through the data life cycle
  • Conceptualization and development of a ‘Data Skills Lab’, a suite of twelve online learning modules for sustainability standards to build data literacy
  • The proposal of new requirements for data management by sustainability standards which were included in updated best practice for credible standards

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