Data governance program development and review (2019-present)

I am currently focused on helping sustainability standards organizations apply data management tools and practice embedded in the data governance framework developed for standards systems and sustainability data. The framework is used to address common data challenges related to data ownership, data process management, data quality, and data sharing.

Business cases or data use cases where data opportunities or challenges exist are used to illustrate framework concepts (e.g. defining data use objectives, data inventory, data process maps). These journeys through the data life cycle build awareness about the importance of data governance so that key data streams can be managed systematically. Tools and recommendations help my clients share data effectively to create value and advance their objectives, while also charting a roadmap to implement sustainable data governance programs and policies that empower effective use of data within the organization.

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Data Highways for Sustainability Data: Information and Data Standard for Sustainability Project (2018-2019)

Forest Stewardship Council

This ambitious project is being led by the Forest Stewardship Council and is currently in its incubation phase through the ISEAL Alliance Innovations Fund. It aims to standardize data and information from sustainability standards (certification audit data) in order to make the data accessible, discoverable, and usable by a range of sustainability stakeholders in a machine-readable format. Practical value from this project will be data repositories (like temporary information banks) that enable exchange of licensed data with clear access and sharing protocols that can be used by a range of stakeholders to support sustainability efforts.

The infrastructure being developed by this project can be likened to highways that will enable data to move and be exchanged so that organizations can discover it and use it more easily. This is critical to addressing complex challenges where organized data is needed for analysis to efficiently monitor sustainability risks and drive improvements in sustainability efforts.

ISEAL Alliance

I served as the ISEAL Alliance technical lead on this project during its inception year (2018-2019) and applied expert knowledge and experience in assurance and data innovations. Roles included crafting the value proposition for the project, translating technical concepts into simple communications, building a stakeholder engagement strategy, and developing work plans. I also proposed the scope of data and information elements that could be harnessed from the ISEAL Alliance Codes of Good Practice.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, visit FSC digital innovations.

Credibility Best Practice Development for Sustainability Standards (2016-2019)

While at ISEAL Alliance, I proposed updated assurance best practice concepts for the ISEAL Assurance Code v2 (2017). I proposed new information management requirements and elements to strengthen digital assurance based on my prior experience working deeply within a certification program at Rainforest Alliance. Assurance Code requirements now put data and information at the center of assurance practice and impacts for sustainability standards.

My work at ISEAL also included support to ISEAL members on assurance practice including the development and delivery of training workshops, digital capacity assessments and tools, webinars, and events. I developed five guidance notes on information management, risk management, and data governance to support digital transformation for the ISEAL community.

Guidance Notes

Assurance Guidance Note
  • Guidance note: Information Management for Effective Assurance (ISEAL Alliance, 2017)
  • Guidance note: Building a Risk Management Plan for Assurance (ISEAL Alliance, 2018)
  • Data governance: Understanding Your Data Value Chain (ISEAL Alliance, 2019)
  • Data governance: Developing a Data Inventory (ISEAL Alliance, 2019)
  • Data governance: Developing Your Data Governance Policy (ISEAL Alliance, 2019)

Assurance System Capacity Expansion (2007-2016)

Rainforest Alliance

In my nine year tenure at Rainforest Alliance, I worked in various roles to significantly expand operational capacity for the agriculture certification program to new regions. I led a five year project to increase operational capacity from one certifier to ten globally. My work included implementation of work plans and activities to scale up system infrastructure such as governance mechanisms, assurance policies, system legal contracts, documentation, training, and stakeholder communications.

This process included retooling of the certificate database to accommodate greater operational capacity, improve data quality, and streamline data collection. Some of the data management practices implemented for this established certification program are now part of ISEAL Alliance’s best practice tools.

The Future of Assurance is Data (webinar)

Learn more about my work to enhance sustainability standards practice by putting data at the center of credible assurance, through this webinar that I delivered while working at ISEAL Alliance.

February 2018: The Future of Assurance is Data (ISEAL webinar)