Services for Impacts Leaders and Decision-Makers

Our process

Our system to assess the impact and value from sustainability data was born from the challenges faced by sustainability initiatives to tell evidenced stories about impacts. We use a framework that offers a clear set of steps and tools to find the areas where your management approaches and data workflows create inefficiencies and high data management costs. The outcome is a clear set of actions and a roadmap to help you address sustainability data opportunities and challenges.


Advising for sustainability assurance

Data has become the lifeblood of assurance and operational excellence. Data pain points and opportunities are discovered by assessing the operational processes where people interact with technology and data to produce specific outputs. Our assurance advising support provides input to assurance system design, documentation, and stakeholder needs to ensure that operational processes are set up in a way that facilitate effective use of data. This support results in:

  • Upgraded and nimble assurance processes that reflect today’s digital operating realities including digital data capture, agile data sharing, and data democratization across the value chain
  • A solid foundation to enable operational effectiveness through a cohesive set of assurance documentation that considers data at its core
  • Tools and steps to support data innovation and collaboration with other sustainability initiatives and programs

Sustainability data impacts check-up:

Our data impacts checkup is a quick assessment of how your data workflows harness the value of key data that anchor your objectives and desired impacts:   

  • Quickly pinpoint the top barriers to the flow of your most valuable data
  • Discover concrete actions to unlock the barriers to high quality, consistent data for your core business processes and top initiatives
  • Motivate and empower your staff by giving them tools they need to process and produce key data insights in reports and data services

Sustainability data impacts review:

Our sustainability data impacts review goes a step further by taking a deep dive into how your objectives, operational processes, people, and technology intersect to unlock data value. The review yields: 

  • A detailed roadmap of concrete actions to achieve good data practices [link to framework page with DG definition and description] and transparency in the use of your most important data
  • Significant improvement in your confidence and trust to tackle data challenges and opportunities
  • Reduction in data privacy risk exposure by achieving clarity in the business terms necessary for data use in your business relationships and contracts

Sustainability data impacts advising and implementation:

Many sustainability organizations have limited resources to put the systems in place needed to achieve high-quality data consistently over time. Our advising support takes the burden off data managers to apply the good practices that yield more agile and effective data products and services. This results in:

  • More time for data managers to focus on strategy, oversight, and delivery of program impacts
  • Clear systems, mapping, and tools you can use iteratively to deliver any data service or product to stakeholders
  • Step-by-step support to augment the value of data arising from specific challenges
  • Agile and confident data collaboration with other sustainability initiatives

Are you ready to use data to accelerate sustainability impacts?

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