InsightsFuture offers the following services to support organizations and initiatives that are ready to build resilience for operating in the digital age.

Support to develop digital strategy and data governance policy

I offer support and advice to organizations building their digital strategies, data governance teams, and data governance policies. A starting point can be your current data-related challenges in the context of your program operations and organizational strategy. From there, I can help organizations apply a sequence of steps and templates that enable integration of practical and sustainable data governance programs into their operations. This can be achieved through systems mapping, training workshops, and practical exercises with your staff and data governance teams.

The tools I offer will enable achievement of specific outcomes. You will be able to clearly inventory your data assets and use the inventory to identify and document the roles of the data stewards in your organization and empower them to deliver value with the data they already manage. You will also be able to apply and use templates to build your internal and external data governance policies so that data can flow easily within and outside your organization while respecting emerging data privacy regulation.

Support to develop digitally-enabled assurance systems

As an expert in sustainability standards assurance with intimate knowledge of the latest updates to assurance best practice, I can provide support to existing or emerging certification programs. Support can include design and implementation advice for a new assurance program. I can also provide tools, training, and advice to retrofit a traditional assurance system so that it can rely more effectively on data and continual improvement mechanisms to fuel your impact. This support will ensure your certification program is credible and rigorous according to best practice or assurance as outlined in ISEAL Alliance’s Assurance Code, version 2.

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