Advising for sustainability assurance

Data has become the lifeblood of assurance and operational excellence for market-based sustainability initiatives. Assurance data management reveals how well assurance effectiveness is monitored and improved.

Sustainability standards auditing and other social sustainability initiatives depend increasingly on data collected from a range of stakeholders. The root of data pain points and opportunities are often discovered by assessing the operational processes where people interact with technology and data to produce work outputs such as periodic compliance reports, risk assessments, or data-related services.

Our assurance advising support provides input to assurance system design, procedures, documentation, and stakeholder needs to ensure that operational processes are set up in a way that facilitate effective use of data.

This support results in:

  • Upgraded and nimble assurance processes that reflect today’s digital operating realities including digital data capture, agile data sharing, and data democratization across the value chain
  • A solid foundation to enable operational effectiveness through a cohesive set of assurance documentation that considers data at its core
  • Tools and steps to support data innovation and collaboration with other sustainability initiatives and programs.