InsightsFuture works with organizations to conduct benchmarking assessments, design benchmarking tools, and support the development of benchmarking and recognition programs to advance sustainability objectives.

Sustainability initiatives addressing pressing social and environmental sustainability challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and child labor are growing in number and scale. Many organizations working to drive impact on their sustainability goals and objectives are increasingly acknowledging that collaborations are an important tool to achieve their missions.   

Sustainability certification and verification programs are engaging in a growing range of collaborations to expand their reach. Some are exploring ways to recognize other sustainability marks as equivalent to their own in order to reach new types of producers or stakeholders. These partnerships also create operational synergies by augmenting the two organizations’ respective strengths. How can sustainability standards systems and verification programs determine if specific collaborations align with their program’s core principles and if working with another organization more closely can preserve the rigor of their assurance program?

One way organizations explore these collaborations and conduct required due diligence is through detailed assessments or benchmarking exercises. These assessments evaluate the other organization’s assurance program processes against their own processes and procedures to offer certification or verification.

As organizations explore multiple collaborations using benchmarking assessments, it is also important to organize assessments and their results into a cohesive program. Recognition programs are one way that collaboration decisions can be considered together over time to inform broader programmatic decisions and mission-related goals.  

InsightsFuture can help your organization design, update, or adapt benchmarking tools aligned with the latest best practice to carry out assessments that check how potential collaborations could be a good fit with your objectives. We also apply best practice principles to organize iterative assessments and their results into a cohesive recognition program that protects the credibility of your organization and helps you manage multiple collaborations.

For an initial consultation to discuss ways we can support your benchmarking assessments or recognition program, contact Ana to explore how we can work together.