Would you like to improve your organization’s ability to consistently capture and use high quality data at lower cost? Do you want a general data sharing policy that can guide you in efficiently serving the information needs of a range of stakeholders? Do you want to ensure your technology solutions are sound and fit for purpose to meet your organization’s objectives and empower your staff?

The support and tools I offer will help you develop your data governance policy as a living program within your organization or business unit. They include frameworks, tools, templates, and processes to sustain effective governance of your data over time. This is a system that you can iteratively improve over time to ensure the data you invest in adds continuous value.

The tools I offer cover the topics below which form a framework for implementing data governance incrementally and iteratively. Your organization may have explored some of these already. Identifying how your activities fit within a complete framework for data governance can upgrade your ability to use data to deliver the most value in a way that is efficient, cost-effective, and in line with emerging data privacy regulation. Learn more about the framework here.

Data governance framework for sustainability (September 2019)
I developed this framework as part of my work with the ISEAL Alliance in support of voluntary sustainability standards.

If the opportunities above sound familiar, contact me to discuss your data-related opportunities or pain points and explore how the framework can be useful to get you on a path to more value and ease in using data effectively within your organization.

Download the data governance framework graphic in higher resolution. Share it with your organization’s leadership and data champions.