The way your data speaks about your business processes affects the credibility and consistency you offer to stakeholders.

Sustainability data impacts review:

Our sustainability data impacts review goes a step further by taking a deep dive into how your objectives, operational processes, people, and technology intersect to unlock data value. The review yields: 

  • A detailed roadmap of concrete actions to achieve good data practices and transparency in the use of your most important data
  • Significant improvement in your confidence to tackle data challenges and opportunities
  • Reduction in data privacy risk exposure by achieving clarity in the business terms necessary for data use and sharing in your business relationships and contracts

The Sustainability Data Impacts Framework guides the journey through the impacts review. Each step in the framework includes a set of tools and templates to enable your teams to identify key data, understand their role in data workflows and processes, and learn about their rights and responsibilities related to personal data protection.

Sustainability Data Impacts Framework